Monday, 10 July 2017

Final Evaluation

Image result for final evaluation

Task 1- Click here  - Please go to file and make a copy. Then change the name of the document to 'yourname final evaluation'!

Task 2- Click here - Here you will need the band hero sheets- please ask for one if you do not have one in front of you.

Monday, 3 July 2017


Create an advert to promote your Night light product to potential customers.

a bit like dragons den.
The best presentation will win! click here to see what you should add to your presentation

This should be done on Google slides and shared with

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Electrical Components research

Image result for electrical components
Remember to MAKE A COPY! (File, Make a copy and then rename it to 'yourname electrical components research)
When finished share with

Extension Task: Resistor Value

Presentational Drawing and evaluation

Task 1: All you have to do is click on the Page template link below and create your chosen design using Google images and the shapes tools. Make sure you try and add size dimensions( there should be 3 dimensions that's why they call it 3D) and add colour.
Click here for Page template - REMEMBER TO MAKE A COPY OF IT! (click file make a copy. change the title to 'Yourname - presentational drawing of Night light'

Task 2: Once you have drawn and added size dimensions to your design use the DT writing frame to help you evaluate the positives and areas for improvement of your design idea.
Bonus Task: is to answer how your design might compare to similar designs already on the market.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Night Light Analysis

Collect 3 images of existing night lights
Remember it can be any image of an existing night light and can also be drawn 


Create a Google DOCUMENT: TITLE and HEADING should say 'Yourname Night light analysis' 

Click here for the Powerpoint
Copy and paste an image of existing night light. Underneath the image Describe the :look and who it is for (Target market-  e.g. boys or girls, brother or sister, teenagers etc. What is the function of your chosen night light?
  •  Describe 3 things about each night light you like.
  •  Create or suggest 2 things about each night light you would change or improve.

Once you have done this for all 3 existing night lights do Task 2.  Once you have completed both tasks